Pomade Ingredients Matter

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April 21, 2019
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Have you checked the ingredients that are listed on the label of your pomade jar lately?  If you’re using a pomade from Don Juan, you can rest assured that those ingredients are great for your scalp and your hair.  But, if you’re using another pomade, you might be doing more harm than good during your styling routine each morning.

As it turns out, when it comes to the product that you’re massaging into your hair and scalp on a daily basis, the ingredients matter a lot.  That’s because a lot of products contain ingredients that can be quite damaging over time.

But Why?

The hair-care market is massive, which means that there are a lot of companies out there that are producing pomades containing cheap filler ingredients so that they can save money.  The problem is that a lot of cheap filler ingredients are harsh, synthetic chemicals that don’t belong anywhere near those luscious locks or that sensitive scalp.  Ingredients like sulfates, artificial emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances are notorious for stripping hair of moisture while irritating your scalp to the point that it can become dry, flaky, itchy and inflamed.

Your Scalp Deserves Only the Best

If you’re gonna be using a pomade every single day, it’s crucial that you’re cautious when selecting a formula.  Look through the list of ingredients to make sure that it doesn’t contain anything that can cause scalp irritation or hair dryness.  The unfortunate truth is that both of these issues are pretty difficult to reverse, which means that you might be stuck trying to heal your hair and scalp for up to a few months.

Simply put, your scalp and hair deserve only the best ingredients.  A good, high-quality pomade will contain plant-based ingredients such as hydrating oils and botanical extracts that are rich in nutrients.  These ingredients actually improve the health of your hair while providing you with the ability to achieve an excellent style day after day.

What Makes Don Juan Pomade Unique?

Time to find out how we stand out among the rest.

Nourishing Ingredients

Don Juan Pomade is proud to use ingredients that actually supply nutrients to your hair.  Essential oils and other plant-based oils are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals that soothe scalp irritation while reducing inflammation.  Plus, many plant oils are naturally high in antibacterial and antifungal activity, meaning you’ll be less likely to develop dandruff and other unsightly scalp conditions.

Hydrating Properties

It’s important to select a pomade that’s high in moisturizing properties.  That’s because your hair is naturally prone to dryness and damage simply because of the abundance of harsh environmental factors that it’s exposed to on a daily basis.  Don Juan Pomade uses moisture-rich ingredients like grapeseed oil and olive oil to provide your hair and scalp with all of the moisture that it craves to look and feel its very best.

No Irritating Chemicals

Don Juan Pomade doesn’t use chemicals that irritate your scalp, period.  After all, how could we feel good about selling products that leave scalps itchy, flaky and dry?

We Take Our Formulas Very, Very Seriously

In fact, our formulas are thoroughly tested before they’re released.  That’s why we proudly display our lists of ingredients on our website.  After all, we understand that your hair and scalp deserve only the best, so we don’t mess around.