3 Key Reasons to Keep Your Combs Clean

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To put it simply, men’s hair-care is serious business.  In order to maintain a flawless style while keeping your hair healthy and hydrated, you’ve got to invest some time, money and effort into building up the perfect daily routine.  Many men are proud of the fact that they use high-quality pomades, high-end grooming tools and other essentials on a daily basis.

But when’s the last time you cleaned that comb?  Believe it or not, using a dirty comb can actually wreak havoc on your precious locks.  And, after reading this article, we’re certain that you’ll take this crucial practice more seriously.

Bacteria and Your Scalp Do Not Get Along

Here’s the thing: That hair of yours accumulates a lot of germs during the day, as does your scalp.  This means that if you’re running your comb along your hair on a daily basis, it’s picking up a lot of bacteria.  And, when you put that comb back onto your head, you’re simply redistributing that bacteria into your hair, allowing it to accumulate more and more.

Bacteria is simply not good for your scalp.  Our scalps are sensitive, and bacteria can quickly cause a wide range of conditions that leave your head and hair looking and feeling less than healthy.  Conditions like dandruff can be caused by an overgrowth of bacteria, in fact.  Therefore, cleaning your comb is crucial if you want to avoid germs damaging your scalp.

Product Buildup and Oils Are Problematic for Your Hair

If you’re using product daily before you comb your hair, which you should be doing if you’re trying to create a certain hairstyle, your comb is probably coated in a film of waxy pomade.  This film gets greasy and sticky after a while, and each time you put that comb back into your hair, you’re adding what’s essentially gunk to your strands.  This can cause hair to become greasy and heavy.

Additionally, our hair has natural oils that keep it healthy, hydrated and protected against harsh environmental factors.  Each day, our comb picks up a little bit of that grease, and if we don’t wash our comb, we’re putting that grease back into our hair daily, allowing it to build up.

They’ll Last Longer

Depending on the material from which your comb is made, cleaning it regularly will help ensure that it lasts longer.  That’s because certain materials such as wood do not handle grease, dirt and bacteria very well.  Cleaning your comb at least a couple of times each week will keep that comb in great shape for a long time to come.

How to Clean Your Combs

Cleaning your comb is a very quick and easy process.  At least twice each week, run your comb under lukewarm water.  Then, use a dime-sized amount of your favorite shampoo to break up grease and dirt with your fingers.  Finally, rinse off the shampoo and let your comb dry before using it again.

A Clean Comb is a More Effective Comb

It’s clear that cleaning your comb regularly is an essential part of a good haircare regimen.  Cleaning that comb regularly requires little effort and time, and can, in fact, make a huge difference in terms of the health of your hair.  Use this guide to ensure that you’re cleaning your comb properly for the best results.