Check Out These 3 Don Juan Pomade Products Featured on Modern Man TV

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February 20, 2019
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March 5, 2019

If you’ve been thinking of switching to a new hair pomade, today is your lucky day.  We’re going to be looking into three of our top-selling pomades in order to determine what makes them so unique and so amazingly effective at helping men achieve an impeccable style.  These Don Juan products below were recently featured on Modern Man TV, so you can check out his reviews before deciding on which pomade is right for you.

#3. Meteor Clay Pomade

Don Juan Meteor Clay Pomade is an excellent choice for the man who requires a very strong hold but doesn’t want his hair to look like an oil sick.  With its matte finish, this pomade allows you to feel confident that the style you’ve created will last all day long.  And, to the delight of many of our customers, this pomade is extremely easy to work with thanks to its malleable consistency.  Highly aromatic, this pomade is fragranced by a blend of citrus, lavender, sandalwood and amber essential oils, ensuring that you’ll smell intoxicating from the morning until the late evening hours.

#2. Hair Grease Pomade

Don Juan Hair Grease Pomade is a wax-based pomade that’s great for men who want to achieve a more old-school style.  Boasting a heavy hold and a serious shine, this pomade is excellent for the guy who wants to slick his hair back and call it a day.  Your hair will stay put well into the evening hours while that glossy finish makes you look like a real don.  Meanwhile, the bright citrus scent, derived solely from quality essential oils, will invigorate you at all hours of the day.

#1. Hybrido Pomade

Don Juan Hybrido Pomade is a water-based pomade that’s rich in nutrients thanks to a combination of Dead Sea minerals and nourishing plant extracts.  This pomade offers a strong hold and a medium shine.  While the pomade keeps your look in place, it infuses your strands and scalp with the nutrients it needs to look and feel absolutely amazing.  The sea breeze aroma is great for the man who loves everything about the summer months.

Grab These Products Today to Take Your Grooming Game to the Next Level!

No matter which of these three pomades you ultimately choose, we’re certain that you’ll be able to achieve the look of your dreams at last.  Our all-natural pomades are created to make you look and feel your very best.