Tame Your Mustache with Don Juan

Your Beard, Your Way.
May 25, 2018
June 1, 2018

Our line of products will help you style your mustache like never before. Whether your facial hair is fine or coarse, our beard oils, pomades and beard washes allow you to achieve that well-maintained and timeless look that you’re after.

Best of all, our products nourish and hydrate your mustache hair as well as your skin. All of our products are made with all-natural formulas that are rich in nutrients. Ingredients like botanical extracts and high-quality essential oils join forces to keep your hair and skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy. Meanwhile, nutrient-rich oils like jojoba oil and almond oil go deep beneath the skin’s surface to moisturize intensely.

A crucial step of maintaining your beard is washing it regularly. This helps keep the skin beneath your mustache free of impurities that can prevent hair growth. Our beard washes are excellent products for keeping your mustache looking full and tamed. Our collection of beard washes boast incredible fragrances that come from completely natural essential oils. In fact, many of these essential oils stimulate hair growth. As a result, you’ll look great and smell amazing. These washes are easy to use and won’t strip your mustache hairs of their natural oils that keep them soft and smooth.

If you want to tame an unruly mustache, our beard oils can help. These oils are carefully formulated in order to keep your mustache hydrated and full while calming down frizz and bushiness. They won’t feel greasy or weigh your mustache hairs down in any way.

Additionally, our pomades can help you achieve that advanced mustache style that you’re going for. Our pomades come in a wide range of shine levels and holds. We offer water-based formulas for men with straight or fine hair. Our wax-based formulas are specially created for men who have thicker, more unruly hair.

If your mustache isn’t as full as you’d like it to be, we offer products that stimulate hair growth with natural ingredients. Simply massage any of these products into your mustache and watch your hair grow in thicker and longer than ever before.