Don Juan comes to Sin City

Men’s Grooming Products for the Modern Buccaneer
January 2, 2017
Las Vegas loves a Don Juan
February 4, 2017

Vegas is a city created by dreamers, risk takers, and style makers. Buying up land in the middle of the Nevada desert and turning it into a world renowned destination? That takes grit. It’s the same kind of grit that inspired Davide Azzini and Mario Rosa to stop selling someone else’s dream, and start living their own. When the 32nd Western Buying Conference hit the Vegas strip, we knew Don Juan would be there.

Eternal style goes big

Creating some of the world’s best men’s grooming products comes with a catch. Now that we’ve designed them, tested them, and delivered them right to your door, we want to share our vision. Our vegan, all organic pomades that re-activate with water for all day style aren’t just meant for those in the know.

We created these for everyman. They’re for the young man, just coming into his own and realizing that when it comes to his hair; mom doesn’t know best. They’re for the working man, the one who styles his way and the one who has to hide it, splashing his hair with water as soon as the he clocks out and reshaping his corporate cut into something with bite. They’re made to help those who know their style sharpen it to a razor thin edge, and those who’ve yet to find theirs discover it. The WBC lets us share Don Juan with the world, and we’re ready for it.

Helping distributors find their inner Don Juan

Our booth is designed to help suppliers, distributors, and store reps encountering our products for the first time. With everything laid out and ready to sample, we’ve made it our mission to help the entire conference find its inner Don Juan and discover eternal style.

The plan of attack is simple. We know what Don Juan can do. The essential oils and dead sea salts can revitalize and nourish a scalp and beard, leaving skin feeling refreshed and hair ready to bow down to your comb. There’s a conference party on the 2 nd day, and we want these company reps to look their best. It all starts at the Don Juan booth where we’ll be ready to walk individuals through our product line from a starting view to a finished look.

We know when they get to use our Don Juan products they’ll see, feel, and smell the difference. The highest quality ingredients cannot be fabricated. That’s why the strength, shine, and nourishing effects of our products cannot be copied. From our formulas to our manufacturing process and quality ingredients, we’re thrilled to show the world where eternal style comes from. Don Juan is ready. We just hope Vegas is prepared.