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Don Juan Pomades Spotlight
October 21, 2016
Shop Talk: SD Barber Supply
December 8, 2016

A Limited Edition Pomade that Delivers an Unlimited Hold

Style never dies-it only evolves. That’s why at Don Juan we’re always innovating, experimenting, and expanding our product line. We’ve been working on the perfect anytime pomade. Don Juan Diamond Limited Edition features the strength to last and a medium shine that harkens back to the golden age of
men’s grooming products. A strong hold lets you style your hair your way. Hawks, spikes, pompadours and backcombs stand up straight when you walk into a room with Don Juan Diamond. Infused with the barber shop scent you remember from your youth and can still find in legendary shops like Chino, this pomade honors the forefathers of eternal style. We’ve gone a step further, infusing your new go-to with natural plant extracts and rich dead-sea minerals.

True style never fades, but Don Juan Diamond Limited Edition Pomade won’t last forever. Pick up yours while supplies last and show your hair what a Don Juan is made of.

Tame your beard with the Don Juan Pomade Supreme Meteor Clay Kit

An untamed beard is like a wild animal. It’s unruly, and battles you every step of the way. Even a simple washing can be a chore, and you may not come out of it unscathed. An untamed beard can build up oil, leaving your skin greasy and limiting your styling options. Tame your beard and take back control of your face with the Don Juan Pomade Supreme Meteor Clay Kit. This kit contains everything you’ll need for a healthy beard that works with you, not against you. Feed your beard with our signature beard wash, which provides essential oils and ingredients to promote growth and strength. Protect your beard and shine it up with our Don Juan Unscented Beard Oil.

Reverse the damage caused by an aggressive beard with our Don Juan Mr. Clay Organic Beard Face Soap. Once your beard is domesticated, style your hair to match with our Don Juan Meteor Matte Clay Pomade. Shape it all with the include Don Juan Style Never Dies Comb and you’ve got a go anywhere beard kit that will tame even the wildest beard.

Opening bottles with style since 2016

Maintaining your style is easy with the Bottle Opener Comb Limited Edition. Modeled after a barber straight razor, this etched metal comb makes staying cool simple. The perspiration off an ice cold brew is all the water you’ll need to re-activate your Don Juan pomade.

  1. Pop off the bottle cap with the attached bottle opener.
  2. Open the comb.
  3. Style anywhere.

Wherever there’s a cold one and Don Juan Pomade, with the Bottle Opener Comb Limited Edition you’ve got everything you need for eternal style.