A Suit and Your Beard: Getting The Right Classy Style Down

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If you’ve got a special occasion coming up and you’re currently rocking a beard of glory, you might be wondering how to dress in order to avoid wearing something that clashes with your facial hair situation.  When done right, a suit and a beard can look incredible together.  However, when done wrong, you risk looking messy, childish, or simply bad.

Matching Your Suit to Your Beard: A Gentleman’s Guide

We’re here to help by creating this awesome guide to help you match your suit to your beard.  This way, you will look sharp, sophisticated, and stylish rather than fashionably challenged and unkempt.

#1: Consider Changing Your Beard Style for a Special Occasion

Before you pick out the right suit, you have to ask yourself if your beard is going to look the same at the time of the event as it does now.  You may want to consider cleaning up your beard a bit if it’s particularly unruly.  Nobody is saying that you have to go for a full shave, but you might want to consider a nice fade or a trim so that more of your handsome face comes through.

In fact, a fade can make or break how good you look in a suit.  A good, professional fade will define you jaw and neckline while enhancing the look of the outfit that you’re wearing.

#2: Know the Rules of Color

The color of your beard has a lot to do with what color suit you should wear.  If you’re planning on going for a traditional all-black look, it really doesn’t matter what color your hair is.  But, if you want to branch out and embrace the world of color, it’s important that you avoid a palette that clashes.

Typically speaking, if you have a red beard, stick to a green or a blue suit.  A dark forest green or navy blue keeps that red looking vibrant.  If you have blonde or brown facial hair, a gray or blue suit will look great.

#3: Consider Different Fabrics to Complement Your Personal Style

If you have the option, consider exploring different materials to enhance the look of your personal style.  For instance, if your beard is a bit more 1970s-inspired, consider a neat, short velvet as this will enhance the look that you’re going for.  If you’ve got a beard that’s inspired by the 1920s, linen might be a good choice.

Of course, you really can’t go wrong with a traditional wool suit either.  If you’re not that interested in making a statement, stick to that classic look.

#4: Know Which Style Best Complements Your Beard

Now, it’s time to get into different cuts.  Of course, your body shape also determines which suit silhouette is best for you.  However, as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the beard, the wider the cut of your pants should be.  Try on a few different styles and get some opinions from your friends before settling on a silhouette.

#5: Go with a Simple Suit Style to Create a Clean Look

If all else fails, go with a suit that’s as traditional as they come.  The black wool suit with its simple lines has been in style this long for a reason – it literally complements every man on earth.  And, besides, just because your suit is simple doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with your tie.

What’s most important is that your suit is properly tailored.  If it’s not tailored correctly, it doesn’t matter how great your beard is – you’ll end up looking messy rather than suave.

Look Really Good Their Bearded Fella

As you can see, there are some things to take into consideration if you’re gonna choose a suit based on your beard.  However, this guide should make it easy to find the look that’s best for you.  Also, don’t forget to grab some beard oil and balm from Don Juan Pomade, and comb it really nice too.  This way, your beard can look healthy and really shine just as well as your overall appearance will.