5 Reasons Bearded Men Should Travel with Don Juan Pomade in 2022

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If you’ve got a beard, you know that part of maintaining healthy facial hair is adopting a daily routine with expertly formulated products.  The right products supply nutrients to both your skin and facial hair while ensuring that each strand shines with radiance.   However, a lot of guys ditch their beard routines when they travel, perhaps because they think that it’s inconvenient to bring their products along with the rest of their luggage.

As you’ll see, bringing your Don Juan Beard Care products with you is important if you’re going to maintain healthy facial hair.

Your Beard Care Routine is Just as Important When You’re Away as It is When at Home

Consider the five reasons below before deciding to leave your beard care products in your bathroom cabinet.  At Don Juan Pomade, we have beard care products that can help improve your beard no matter where you are in the world.

Reason #1: You Want Your Beard to Look its Best While You’re Away

Who doesn’t want their beard to look its very best when they’re away from home?  After all, you never know who you’ll run into while you’re traveling.  Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, a healthy and attractive beard is a must.  After all, if you’re traveling for work, you want your beard to look good so that you maintain a professional appearance.  And, if you’re traveling for fun, you want to make a good first impression on anyone who you may end up meeting along the way.

Reason #2: Our Products are Travel-Friendly

Don Juan’s beard care products are, in fact, travel-friendly, meaning that you can pack them into your luggage with no problem.  The sizes of the bottles and tins are compatible with TSA regulations, and they take up such little space that there’s absolutely no reason to leave them at home.

Reason #3: You Never Know What Conditions Can Wreak Havoc on Your Beard

We know that when we visit a new climate, our bodies can be a bit thrown off.  Sudden changes in temperature and humidity levels can make us feel a bit unwell.  Similarly, dramatic changes in climate can cause our beards and hair to suffer.  If your beard is struggling to make sense of the change in temperature or humidity, our beard care products can ensure that it looks its very best no matter what.

Reason #4: Maintaining Your Daily Routine Can Help You Acclimate to a New Environment

Some of us tend to feel a bit off when we change our daily routine, like when we travel for a fairly long period of time.  So, the routines that we maintain at home can bring some comfort to us while we’re far away from what’s familiar to us.  Maintaining your daily beard care routine while in a foreign land can help you feel more like yourself.

Reason #5: Interrupting Your Routine Can Have Negative Consequences

If you’re using one of our products to address a specific beard problem, you really don’t want to take time off of your routine.  For instance, if you’re using our beard growth serum to help stimulate faster growth, taking a few days off will interfere with your goals.  Similarly, if you’re dealing with some serious dryness, refraining from using our beard oil and serum products can interrupt your journey to a healthier and happier beard.

Having a daily routine means sticking to it no matter what.  So, while you’re away, it’s just as important that you maintain your beard regimen as it is when you’re at home.