A 2022 Bearded Question: How Long Should Beard Oil Typically Last for?

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Are you a bearded guy who takes the health of his facial hair seriously?  Great, because chances are that you use a beard oil daily as part of your beard care routine.  Beard oil is perhaps the most beneficial beard care product that’s out there, because it provides facial hair with loads of moisture, and we know that facial hair is naturally prone to dryness.

If you’re using beard oil daily, you are going to be going through many bottles of this product in a year’s time.  Now, the exact amount that you’ll be going through depends on many factors.

The Answer: It Depends

Every man will go through a bottle of beard oil at his own pace, and this is because so many different factors determine how much he uses each day.  For one thing, every guy’s beard is different, and therefore requires different amounts beard oil.  Also, each beard oil product is different, and so some require only a little bit of product per application while others require much more.

Below, you’ll discover the main factors that determine how long your beard oil can last.

Factor #1: Length of Your Beard

Obviously, how long your beard is, has a lot to do with how much beard oil you use daily.  The longer your beard, the more surface area you’re working with.  Essentially, you will need more beard oil than the average guy.  For example, a guy with an extremely long lumberjack beard can use anywhere from two to three times the amount as a guy who keeps his beard very short (even borderline stubble).

Factor #2: Thickness of Your Beard

Yes, thickness has its role.  The thicker your facial hair, the more product you’ll need.  Again, this has to do with surface area.  Thicker hair has more diameter than thin hair, and so more beard oil is needed to penetrate each and every strand.

Factor #3: The Dryness Level of Your Beard

Every guy’s beard is unique in terms of its natural level of moisture.  Our follicles produce moisture that is secreted and makes its way down each strand.  But, some of us produce more moisture than others.  Additionally, certain hair types are more prone to dryness.  Plus, some guys expose their beards to more drying factors than others.  Examples of this would be dry indoor air and extremely hot water.  How dry your beard is to begin with has a lot to do with how much beard oil you should apply on a daily basis.

Factor #4: Beard Oil Formula Itself

Beard oils can contain any variety of ingredients.  Some being more moisturizing than others.  So, select formulas can give you adequate moisture with just a few drops, while others require a full dropper’s worth.

Factor #5: Bottle Size

The bottle size obviously plays a role as well.  The larger the bottle of your beard oil, the longer it will take for you to work through the entire bottle.

Factor #6: How You Store That Bottled Beard Oil

Best to keep bottled beard oil in a place that doesn’t get humid, hot, or bright.  Basically, keep it in as cool (at proper room temperature), dark, and dry area in order be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Note: Keeping beard oil in the fridge for storage isn’t necessary.  In fact, it will likely cause a hassle due to the way in which its consistency could change.

Bottom Line: Try to Make That Beard Oil Last for as Long as Possible

If you’re using beard oil as part of your daily routine, you probably want to make it last for as long as possible to minimize spending.  But, as you can see, the length of time that it takes to work your way through a bottle of beard oil depends on lots of factors.  Again, including your unique beard type, how much you use, and the bottle itself.  What matters most is that you use the proper amount daily.  This way, you get the most benefits out of this important type of product.