How to Properly and Easily Clean Pomade, Styling Clay, Hair Grease, Matte Cream, or Wax Off Your Hair Comb

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Are you the type of guy who properly maintains his hair?  If so, chances are that both the haircare formula you use, and a dedicated hair comb are part of your daily routine.  Most guys like to massage for instance, pomade into their hair before combing it.  Why?  So that the pomade’s moisturizing properties are evenly distributed.  But, afterwards, they end up with a comb that’s covered in a thin layer of this solution.

We had touched up the real basics before about cleaning your comb on a regular basis.  However, now we’re going to take it a step further.  This refresher is also a nice way to remember good practice, especially if you’re a fan of Don Juan Pomades.

Why Should You Clean Any Type of Hair Solution Off Your Comb Anyway?

Sure, haircare products are great, but that doesn’t mean that we want them covering our hair comb.  When our comb is covered in this substance, it can develop bacteria.  This is no good for your hair or your scalp.  Additionally, it can cause you to end up with too much product in your hair, which can make your hair look heavy, weighed down, and greasy rather than healthy and soft.

Another thing is that certain formulas can congeal due to low temperatures.  This can cause waxy bits of oil or chunks to develop between the teeth of your comb.  Meaning, your comb won’t be able to fully run through your hair.  Not only that, but those waxy blobs or hard chunks can end up in your hair.  Talk about embarrassing.

How to Clean Your Hair Comb Properly

Luckily, cleaning your comb isn’t a difficult process at all.  In fact, it only takes a couple of minutes.  Not to mention, even if you don’t use any pomades or such, you should clean your comb on a regular basis due to it being prone to getting dirty.  Additionally, the bacteria on your hands can transfer to your comb, meaning that you’re combing germs into your wonderful hair  Ew.

So, let’s talk about the best way to clean your hair comb.

Step #1: Run the tap on warm until the water becomes relatively hot.

Step #2: Take some dish soap and pour a small amount onto your comb.  The combination of hot water and dish soap is great for removing residue.

Step #3: Hold the comb in one hand beneath the running water and use the other hand to rub the comb in order to remove oil.  Do this for about two minutes, until you can feel that the surface of the comb is no longer oily and slippery.

Final Step: Allow your comb to air dry.  Repeat this process once daily, after you’ve combed through your hair.

Bottom Line: Use This Guide to Clean Your Comb Properly

Overall, if you’re using any type of haircare formula on a daily basis, it’s crucial that you clean it off of your comb each time you use it.  This will ensure that your comb can continue doing its job, and that your hair maintains the proper level of moisture without being too oily or even sticky.  After all, most of us spend a nice amount of cash on a high-quality comb that’s meant to last for a lifetime.