The Final 2021 Haircut: Scissors vs. Clippers

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Since the beginning of time, men have been growing out their hair and trimming it as needed.  Throughout the ages, various devices have come and gone that promise to cut hair in an efficient and beneficial way.  But, these days, there are really only two types of devices used to cut a man’s hair: scissors and clippers.

Both scissors and clippers remain extremely popular and useful, but most men find that they’re either loyally devoted to one or the other.  Although they serve the same purpose in the general sense, they are quite different in terms of approach and technology.

Which Type of Grooming Tool is Right for You? 

We mean, after all, choosing the right one is crucial if you want to have the most attractive hairstyle possible.  We’ve compared these two beloved tools so that you can make the right decision for your unique hair look.

Using Clippers

Clippers have been around for a few decades, and over the years they’ve simultaneously gotten more advanced and more affordable.  Their goal is simple – to provide you with the ability to trim your hair in an incredibly short period of time.  Clippers utilize a battery-operated motor, and this motor moves extremely sharp teeth back and forth very quickly.  This means that a man has to simply hold the clipper up to the area he’d like to cut and allow the clippers to do the work.


  • As we already said, clippers work fast.
  • That motor allows clippers to cut a whole lot of hair in a short period of time.
  • This is great for men who are in a rush to get to work and don’t have the time to snip through each section manually.
  • Clippers are also easy to operate because they don’t require much manual labor.
  • Barbers use them


  • Clippers can take some getting used to, to say the least.
  • For many men, it takes a while to figure out how much pressure to use against the top and sides of your head.
  • Also, how to hold the clippers in order to get the perfect shape and trim.
  • Many men make mistakes when they first start using clippers, accidentally cutting off way too much or ending up with an uneven trim that looks lopsided.

Using Scissors

Scissors are the tried-and-true method of many barbers and men alike, and for good reason.  Scissors are very easy to control, and they have been around forever.  Although there are many more advanced technological devices on the market today, scissors are still used by a large number of men who want to maintain their hair with precision and control.  Plus, there are a variety of scissors out there today that are specially crafted to leave your hair looking its absolute best.


  • Scissors are great for men who like to have complete control over their trimming experience.
  • Because scissors require precise movements, men can shape and trim their hair with incredible precision.
  • Great for guys who want to have a more intricate, and still longer hairstyle.
  • Also, scissors don’t rely on a motor of course, which means they are more likely to last for a long time.


  • Scissors are time-consuming, and there is no way around that.
  • Additionally, scissors require more manual labor, so men may not feel as comfortable using them.

Figuring Out Whether Scissors or Clippers are Right for You

So, which type of grooming device is more suited for your needs?  Well, chances are that you’ve already been using one for some while.  Hence, it is okay to remain with what you are comfortable with.  Both require some practice, but essentially, if what you’re using works, stick to it.

However, maybe you want to switch it up.  Well, if you’re tired of spending all that time before work trimming your hair with scissors, give clippers a try.  And, if you feel like clippers don’t let you trim with complete accuracy, switch to scissors.

Remember that the quality of your tool is just as important as which one of the two you choose.  There are really great and really terrible scissors and clippers on the market.  Always be willing to invest in a grooming tool that you plan to continue using for years to come.  The cheaper the materials, the less likely it is to perform up to your standards.

Our Final Opinion

Whether you go with old school scissors, or a technologically advanced pair of clippers is ultimately your call.  However, we recommend reading carefully through this guide first in order to figure out which one will best suit your unique needs.  Remember that at the end of the day, whichever one you choose, you should make sure that it comes from a trusted brand and is extremely reliable.

Also, if you plan on using pomade to get a specific style, choosing clippers or scissors, or simply using both, will come down to what length you want your hair to be at.  That length will then determine the type of pomade you choose.