Hands Off That Beard!

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A lot of us have some bad beard habits that are tough to quit.  Some of us compulsively comb our beards several times throughout the day, while others habitually neglect their facial hair’s need for moisture.  One of the most common bad beard habits, however, is constantly touching it.

Look – we get it.  Once you start practicing a quality beard care routine, it’s hard to not feel urged to run your fingers through those magnificently soft strands throughout the day.  Many of us habitual beard touchers don’t even realize how often we’re handling our facial hair.  However, the reality is that this is a habit that can cause more harm than you may realize.

Why You Should Stop Touching Your Beard All the Time

If you’re a chronic beard toucher, like a lot of guys are, it’s worth finding a way to break the habit.  As you will see, constantly touching your beard can lead to quite a few issues relating to both your facial hair and your skin.  So, it’s time to take a hands-off approach to your beard as soon as possible.

Now, let’s discuss the ways in which the constant handling of your beard can lead to issues.

#1: Constant Handling Can Cause Frizz

We often associate frizz with humidity, but it can occur due to constant friction as well.  For instance, a lot of guys have found that rubbing their beard with a towel after taking a shower makes the hair frizzy and messy.  The same can happen if you’re always running your hands through your facial hair.

#2: The Germs on Your Hands Can Cause Skin Issues

This common habit doesn’t just affect your beard – it can interfere with your skin’s health as well.  Our hands carry a lot of germs, not to mention dirt and oil.  Constantly touching your beard can cause these impurities to get onto your skin, which can lead to breakouts and clogged pores.

#3: Combing with Your Fingers Repeatedly Can Cause Hairs to Fall Out

It’s safe to say that no bearded guy ever said he wanted his beard hairs to fall out.  But, that’s what can happen if you’re touching your beard frequently enough – especially if you’re combing through it with your fingers.  Again, this has to do with friction.  Even those gentle hand motions can gradually loosen individual hairs from the follicles, causing them to fall out little by little.

#4: Consistent Friction Can Lead to Split Ends

Another thing you want to avoid is split ends.  Split ends can be caused by severe dryness of the facial hair, but it can also be caused by friction.  Always touching the ends of your beard slowly damages the cuticles, which aim to protect the facial hairs.  Eventually, the cuticles can become damaged enough to split.  And, once those ends are split, you can’t do anything to repair them, and so you’ll have no choice but to trim your beard to a shorter length than you may have wanted.