Why are Don Juan Hair Products Perfect for Men with Multi-Textured Hair?

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August 21, 2021
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It seems as though more men are learning about their unique hair type in order to choose better products and haircare methods for their personal needs.  Today’s haircare market for men is more inclusive than ever before, offering different formulas for different hair textures and curl patterns to offer a more personalized approach to maintaining hair that’s both healthy and manageable.  A relatively small number of men eventually discover that they have what’s known as multi-textured hair. So, a bit more time and effort is required to choose the right products.

What is Multi-Textured Hair?

Multi-textured hair means that an individual’s hair has more than one texture.  All of us have a hair texture, whether it be coarse or fine.

  • Coarser hair tends to be curly, and extremely coarse hair usually has a kinky curl pattern.
  • Fine hair is usually very straight, and extremely thin.

If your hair is multi-textured, you may have two different curl patterns at different parts of your head.  The hair in one area may feel different than the hair in another, and this will also mean that the hair’s appearance slightly varies from one section to another.

What Causes Multi-Textured Hair?

In most cases, multi-textured hair is simply the result of genetics.  If you have two parents with different hair textures, you may end up with multi-textured hair.  Surprisingly, this may not be evident until after adolescence.  That is because  hormonal changes can have a noticeable impact on our hair.

Damaged hair is another reason for multi-textured hair.  This usually results from a lack of moisture or exposure to strong ingredients, such as those in hair dyes, which can change the texture of the hair temporarily.  And, that damage can be inconsistent throughout a man’s hair.

Don Juan Pomade Products: A Solution to Multi-Textured Hair

Multi-textured hair is nothing to be embarrassed about.  It’s something that can make you unique and can set you apart from the rest.  It becomes an issue when each texture isn’t being cared for according to its specific needs.  The coarser the hair, the more moisture it needs.  This is mainly due to naturally occurring oils produced by the scalp which have a harder time permeating the shaft.  If you’re not caring for multi-textured hair properly, you can end up with parts of the hair that are more damaged or dry than others.

But, by knowing the needs of each texture, you can achieve exceptional hair without feeling that you’re at a disadvantage.  At Don Juan Pomade, we have formulas that are great for multi-textured hair.  So, having multi-textured hair does not have to automatically put you at a disadvantage when it comes to style.

#1: Balanced Ingredients

DJP strives to offer formulas that appeal to all hair types, from fine to coarse, and from straight to curly.  We use a balanced blend of ingredients that are compatible with different hair types by providing them with nutrients that balance scalp and hair health.  All, while supplying the hair with lots of moisture that effectively goes deep into the cuticle to improve its overall condition and combat damage.

#2: Gentle Formulas

Our formulas are extremely gentle, containing only plant-based ingredients.  Coarser hair textures are prone to damage as they’re naturally more dry, which means that breakage is more likely to occur.  Our formulas don’t strip away moisture as many others do.  Meaning, all textures will notice smoother, softer, and generally healthier hair.

#3: Excellent Styling Capabilities

Multi-textured hair can be tough to style as it’s harder to get all of the hair to follow your wishes.  But, our Don Juan styling products are known for making all kinds of styles easy to achieve.  Each as the right level of hold and shine.

#4: Different Options for Different Hair Types

We carry different formulas for different hair types, so that each man can find the perfect formula for his unique haircare needs.  This is especially true of our pomades, which range from lighter water-based formulas for fine hair to thicker, heavier wax-based formulas for coarse hair.  Meaning, you can pick up multiple pomade formulas for the different textures of your hair to ensure that each hair on your head is getting the customized care it deserves.