5 Ways to Maintain Proper Scalp Health

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A lot of men put a lot of effort into ensuring that their hair looks its absolute best.  How?  By using carefully selected styling products and carrying a comb with them at all times.  But, there is another aspect to men’s haircare that’s criminally overlooked- scalp health.  An unhealthy scalp can lead to all kinds of issues.  These range from dandruff to hair loss.  This is why it’s crucial to consider the needs of your scalp whenever shopping for haircare products.

#1: Understand Your Hair Type

Each man has a unique hair type that doesn’t just determine the needs of his hair, but his scalp as well.  For example, a man whose hair is naturally dry often has a dry scalp, as the scalp is failing to produce the right volume of oil to keep the hair moisturized.  Men who have thinner, finer hair usually have scalps that are oilier, while men with coarser, thicker hair need extra moisture.

#2: Avoid Harsh Chemicals in Hair Care Products

Did you know the skin of the scalp is surprisingly sensitive?  So, exposing it regularly to strong chemical ingredients can cause lots of dryness, flaking, and irritation.  All of these things result in dandruff and other unwanted issues relating to dry skin.  This is why it’s important to always look over the ingredients in a particular formula before buying it.  A lot of the haircare products on the market contain a surprising number of strong, drying chemicals that slowly damage the skin of the scalp.  A few of these include harsh artificial fragrances, sulfates that strip away moisture, and alcohol that irritates the skin.

#3: Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Moisture

All hair requires regular supplementation of moisture, and this benefits the scalp as well.  Because the scalp is prone to being so dry and sensitive, it’s crucial that it receives moisture on a regular basis.  Usually, a couple times a week at least is recommended.  This is through the use of a conditioning product or a styling product that contains natural moisturizing oils.  Men whose hair is on the finer side tend to benefit from lighter oils like jojoba oil and squalene oil.  Men with thicker, coarser hair benefit from heavier oils like coconut oil and argan oil.

#4: Know Your Sensitivities to Certain Ingredients  

A lot of us are sensitive to certain topical ingredients and we don’t even know it.  Skin allergies and sensitivities are far more common than we realize.  In fact, many of us are applying ingredients incompatible with our scalp on a regular basis.  It’s good to start paying attention to how your scalp reacts to each product you use.  If you notice that some products make your scalp itchy, flaky or irritated, then it is time to look through the ingredients and try to understand which ingredients you’re sensitive to in order to avoid using them in the future.

Over time, applying an ingredient that you’re sensitive or allergic to can cause more significant problems like hair loss as the skin of the scalp becomes extremely damaged, which in turn negatively affects the follicles of the hair.

#5: Use Plant-Based Formulas That Actually Nourish the Hair

Ultimately, you should care for your scalp with natural, nourishing ingredients that provide lots of benefits to this sensitive skin of the body.  We strongly recommend trading in synthetic ingredients for those that occur in nature, which are known to be much gentler while also boasting nutrients and nourishing properties that improve scalp health.

For instance, olive oil is an excellent ingredient as it contains antioxidants and is rich in Vitamin E, to truly benefit the scalp in many ways.  Also, many botanical extracts used in natural haircare have properties that balance oil production, soothe irritation and reduce dandruff.

Maintain Excellent Scalp Health with Don Juan Pomade

Don Juan Pomade offers more than the ability for you to achieve the style of your dreams.  All of our styling products go above and beyond by offering only natural, clean, and nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients.  These directly benefit your scalp without drying it out or causing irritation.  From our top-selling pomades to our innovative styling sprays, DJP formulas are made with the needs of men’s hair and scalps in mind.