Can You Use a Grooming Spray with a Styling Clay or Matte Cream?

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July 28, 2021
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Most guys know that to really take their hair to the next level of style, they need to use some type of styling product daily.  The right styling product is capable of keeping the hair in place, reducing frizz and static, adding desirable amounts of texture, and providing moisture to keep the hair smooth and soft.  Now, while many of our customers rely on our pomades, creams, and clays each day to give them the style they’re looking for, there is another type of product that should be considered.  Grooming spray might be particularly helpful.  Especially, if you’re using a styling clay or matte cream as part of your daily styling routine.

What is a Grooming Spray?

A grooming spray is simply a spray that is applied to the hair to elevate its style.  It does this by keeping the hair in place and/or enabling more advanced styling.  How?  By priming the hair for whatever styling is going to be achieved.  Some grooming sprays are meant to be applied to hair before a pomade or cream.  Others are meant to be applied afterward.  A grooming spray adjusts the texture of the hair to make it more pliable while helping it stay in place for the remainder of the day.  Any good-quality grooming spray also contains naturally occurring ingredients that benefit the hair in some way or another. This is done by offering nourishment and moisture.

Styling Clay and Matte Cream

Don Juan Pomade carries a variety of hairstyling products.  And, our Styling Clay and Matte Cream have become extremely popular for their abilities to provide excellent style and proper hold for a variety of hair types and textures.  Both products contain plant-based ingredients that capably improve texture while providing a medium hold, matte finish, and water-based formula.  Plus there are variations in ingredients to appeal to different men’s hair-related needs.

Using a Grooming Spray Before Other Styling Products: Is it a Good Idea?

Wondering why you’d need to add a grooming spray to your routine when already using a matte cream or styling clay product?  Well, the right grooming spray can actually enhance your styling abilities.  Not only that, but also take your hair’s look and texture to new heights.

We prefer grooming sprays that are applied to the hair prior to styling with a thicker product.  The reason, as we said earlier, is they prime the hair by making it more pliable and improving its texture so that the styling clay or matte cream that you use can go further to give you the hairstyle you’re going for.  They also better ensure that the style you do create in the morning lasts through the evening.  Also doesn’t leave a hard cast that can make your hair unpleasant to the touch.  Or, even make it look unnaturally stiff in a way that just isn’t appealing.  And, due to this, you can blow-dry your hair while styling without worrying about the hair hardening too quickly.  Thus, preventing you from being able to style it in time.

Don Juan Pomade Pre-Styler Grooming Spray

Don Juan’s Pre-Styler Grooming Spray is the ultimate addition to your daily hairstyling routine.  It’s perfect to use before applying our Matte Cream, Styling Clay, or any of our signature pomade formulas.  It uses natural, nourishing, and nutrient-rich ingredients.  Some of these ingredients include argan oil, sea salt, and castor oil to get the hair to the right texture for styling.  Plus, they add lots of much-needed moisture to benefit your hair deep beneath the cuticle.  This spray formula offers a light hold and natural finish.  This is so it doesn’t interfere with the carefully selected cream, clay, or pomade that you’ve chosen.  Instead, the goal is to enhance its ability to make your hair look its absolute best.

Because of this, we’re confident that our Pre-Styler Grooming Spray can benefit just about any guy’s haircare regimen, while enhancing the health of the hair at the same time.  So, whether you’re the type of guy who goes for that effortless tousled look, or you’re going for a more ambitious style, our Pre-Styler Grooming Spray has what it takes to give you even more styling abilities than ever before.