Why Should You Avoid Grooming Sprays That Can Dry Out Your Hair?

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When it comes to caring for your hair, we can’t state enough the importance of reading through each ingredient in your haircare products.  You may be surprised by how many products in your daily routine are actually causing more harm than good.  A great example is grooming spray.  This can contain any number of ingredients designed to keep hair in place and make it easier to style and manage throughout the day.  Some grooming sprays, however, can contain very harsh ingredients that end up drying your hair out.  Thus, leading to all kinds of unwanted side effects that can, in some cases, lead to long-term damage.

Can a Grooming Spray Dry Out Your Hair?

If you’ve been noticing that your hair has been on the dry side lately, it’s time to read through the ingredients in the grooming spray that you’ve been using.  Grooming spray is especially likely to contain drying ingredients as its job is not to provide moisture, such as detanglers and leave-in conditioners.  But, to rather add texture, hold, and style.  Unfortunately, companies have access to a lot of very cheap ingredients that can achieve this effect at the risk of causing damage to the hair over a longer period of time.

Which Ingredients Should You Lookout For?

So, the way to avoid this is to check out the ingredients printed on the label of the bottle.  There are three primary categories of ingredients that are associated with having a drying effect, which happen to be prominent in many grooming sprays on the haircare market.

#1: Sulfates

Sulfates are commonly used in shampoos and cleansing products due to their ability to bind together dirt and oil to strip the hair of grease, but this comes with the result of stripping away moisture as well.  Sulfates may be found in grooming sprays because by removing grease and oil, the hair is more malleable for styling.  But, the reality is that constantly exposing your hair to sulfates can cause severe dryness, especially if your hair is naturally dry to begin with, and requires lots of moisture replenishment.

#2: Alcohol

Alcohol and alcohol derivatives are extremely common in all kinds of grooming products, including grooming sprays.  Alcohols are cheap to use, cutting down manufacturing costs, and acting primarily as filler ingredients that fill out a formula.  Alcohol is also very drying and can damage the hair due to how much it dehydrates the strands.  Also, it can irritate the scalp and cause dandruff and itchiness.

#3: Artificial Fragrances

Artificial fragrances may smell nice, but many of them are extremely harsh and drying due to being derived from petroleum.  Further, it’s common to have an allergy to artificial fragrances, which can lead to a severe reaction of the scalp along with dry and damaged hair.

What are the Consequences of Using a Grooming Spray with Drying Ingredients?

Using a grooming spray that has drying ingredients can lead to all kinds of unwanted consequences that play a big role in the long-term health of your hair.  If you’ve been working hard to grow out your hair, you want to avoid the ingredients above as they can completely sabotage your efforts, causing issues such as:

  • A Dry Texture: Hair that feels dry to the touch is never something that we want. Beyond that, dry hair has an unattractive texture that never looks healthy.
  • Breakage: Dry hair is more prone to breakage, and once a cuticle breaks, the only thing that you can do is cut the hair.
  • Frizz: If the hair is dry, it can become frizzy, especially on humid days. Frizz can make hair look extremely frazzled, and it’s very hard to style frizzy hair as the cuticles are so swollen that hair struggles to stay in place.
  • Dullness: Dryness leads to a lack of shine which results in a dull appearance that’s the opposite of health.
  • Slow Growth: If the dryness of your hair causes enough damage, the hair can grow at a slower rate as the follicles become negatively affected due to a lack of critical moisture.
  • Scalp Irritation: Exposure to drying agents can also cause the scalp to become irritated, resulting in discomfort and unsightly dandruff.
  • Hair Loss: Hair requires moisture and hydration to be healthy, and so severe dryness can lead to hair loss as the individual hairs simply die and leave their follicles.

Don Juan Pre-Styler Grooming Spray: Nourishing and Never Drying

The good news is that if you want a superb styling spray that doesn’t dry out your hair, simply grab Don Juan Pre-Styler Grooming Spray.  This advanced, naturally derived formula is free of sulfates, alcohols, artificial fragrances, and other drying ingredients, in order to provide great texture, hold and styling possibilities while nourishing you hair with ingredients like witch hazel, sea salt and argan oil.  The next time you want to achieve great style without putting your hair’s health at risk, Don Juan Pomade has got you covered.