Should Your Face Get a Spray Tan if You Have a Beard?

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It’s that time of year when we want to look our absolute best.  And, one of the top ways to improve our look is to rock a tan.  For ages, having a tan has been associated with looking healthy, as it provides a bronzed glow that is considered extremely attractive.

While tanning has been around forever, only recently have spray tans been an option.  Spray tans can provide a tan almost instantly.  This, unlike natural tans that require spending a lot of time in the sun, or in a tanning booth.  Also, spray tans don’t put us at high risk of developing skin cancer.  Which, is yet another reason why they are favored nowadays.

But, if you’re rocking a beard, you may wonder whether or not a spray tan is a feasible option.  Maybe you’re worried that your beard will be painted bronze, or that your face will end up looking patchy.  So, can you get one if you’re a bearded guy?

What is a Spray Tan?

There is a big misconception about spray tans that must be cleared up.  The mistaken belief is that a spray tan provides its bronzed glow by painting your body.  This, actually, isn’t the case.  What’s happening when you get one is that your skin is getting coated in a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA).  DHA is unique in that once it makes contact with amino acids in your dead skin cells, the skin cells change color, taking on a bronzed appearance.  Essentially, a spray tan isn’t actually painting you at all.  It’s enabling a chemical reaction that causes the skin to develop melanoidin.  Simply, a pigment resulting from this unique chemical exposure.

A spray tan can be as dark or as light as the user desires, as there are different tanning levels.  It is also worth pointing out that the same process can be done by applying a topical directly to the skin rather than having it sprayed on?  Why?  Because DHA works just as well when applied in this manner.  However, because you can’t see the results right away, you may end up missing areas or leaving behind a patchy or streaky appearance.  This is why an even spray is usually considered ideal for a more natural look.

Is it Safe to Get a Spray Tan if You Have a Beard?

Yes, it’s safe to get one if you have a beard.  DHA does not damage the beard, as far as we know.  It’s also not harmful to the skin either.  Therefore, if you are a bearded guy who wants a spray tan, you don’t need to worry about being in some kind of danger because of it.

What Should You Know as a Bearded Guy if Wanting to Get One?

However, if you want a spray tan, you’ll have to consider the beard that you have.  Guys with a stubbly look or a very short beard can likely pull of a this, while men with larger, thicker, or fuller beards may want to skip a trip to the tanning salon.

That’s because for the process of spray tanning to work, the skin cells must be fully exposed.  If there is too much hair covering them, you’ll end up with a strange-looking tan line around the perimeter of your beard, which will be a dead giveaway that you got a spray tan, and also look, well, unattractive.  The DHA in a spray tan simply can’t get through the beard hairs to reach the skin in an even layer, if at all.  And, so, you’ll end up likely looking worse as a result.  The issue will be enhanced if you choose to reshape or shave your beard soon after getting it done.

Spray Tan or No Spray Tan?

Ultimately, if you want to get a spray tan, nothing is stopping you.  Plus, your beard won’t be harmed in all likelihood.  However, the reality is that a spray tan is really only suitable for certain beard types.  So, if you have a long or bushy beard, we recommend that you skip this one out and rock your natural skin tone for the duration of the summer season.