Can You Use a Grooming Spray with a Pomade?

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When it comes to maintaining flawless hair, it’s all about choosing top-quality products that nourish the hair while enabling great style.  The right hair products minimize frizz, add moisture, and provide the right texture for you to pull off the look of your dreams.  That being said, there are two key types of haircare formulas that belong in almost every guy’s medicine cabinet: grooming spray and pomade.

Both products serve two distinctive purposes.  However, they can work together in a complementary way.  This so that you can finally achieve the gorgeous hair you’ve been yearning for.

Grooming Spray

Can be used before or after styling with pomade.  Depending, of course, on the nature of the formula determined by the manufacturer.  Its goal is the same regardless of the product.  Grooming spray adds texture and sets the hair for styling so that it’s more likely to be malleable and stay in place.  Ideally, grooming spray also has some nourishing ingredients that infuse the hair with what it needs, such as moisture, hydration, or certain vitamins that benefit the follicles.


A different type of styling product that is thicker and waxier in consistency.  Often has a buttery feel to it, too.  Pomade ideally consists of plant waxes, butters, and oils that are gentle on the hair.  And, even produce a texture thick enough to hold the hair in place while infusing it with loads of moisture.  The right pomade keeps the hair soft, smooth, free of frizz, and capable of holding a style.

Using These Products Together

Both grooming spray and pomade offer a lot of value to a haircare routine in slightly different ways.  One difference is that grooming spray is sprayed evenly throughout the hair.  Pomade, on the other hand,  is worked into the hair with the fingertips.  Also, pomade does more to the texture and style of the hair due to its very thick consistency.  This, whereas spray is a water-based formula that simply enables a more workable hair texture.

That being said, most guys will find that incorporating both products into their haircare routine is ideal.  But, ultimately, it’s better to use a pre-styling grooming spray with a pomade rather than using a pomade.  And, then following it up with a post-styling spray.

Basically, pre-styling spray is lighter in consistency than post-styling spray, which means that it can easily be blow-dried in without causing a hard cast to develop that interferes with the blow-drying process.  This gets the texture just right so that the hair is easy to style with pomade later on.

In fact, using pomade with a post-styling spray can leave the hair too hard.  This can make it very difficult to run the fingers through, while making styling touch-ups throughout the day virtually impossible.  And, trying to style the hair immediately after applying both a pomade and post-styling spray is extremely difficult.  Why?  It’s due to the hardness of the hair, essentially.

The Grooming Spray and Pomade at Don Juan Pomade

Don Juan Pomade offers phenomenal haircare products for your daily styling needs.  These include our Pre-Styler Grooming Spray and Don Juan Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray 8 fl oz.  Plus, our extensive line of pomade formulas that have something for every hair type and styling goal.  Our Pre-Styler Grooming Spray especially is made for nourishing hair with the use of sea salt, argan oil, and other beneficial plant derivatives.  Best to be used before styling with pomade as it adds greatly to your styling capabilities.  Not only that, but provides a fantastic texture to all hair types.

Meanwhile, our pomades are made with natural ingredients that infuse the hair with nutrients and moisture while securing a flawless look that will last all day.  Choose between water-based or wax-based formulas depending on your hair type, along with varying levels of hold and shine to suit your hair-styling needs.

Most guys will find that using these two products together finally gives them the distinctive style that they have been longing for all along.  So, we encourage you to explore both our Pre-Styler Grooming Spray and our various pomade formulas if you’re ready to take your style to the next level at last.