Why are Some Styling Combs Rough on a Man’s Hair?

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Did you know that most guys who care about the appearance of their hair have a styling comb?  Why?  In order to keep that look in place all day long.  But, some men may find that their comb is rough on their hair.  This could cause discomfort or simply make the hair look worse than before.  Now, there are a number of reasons why a comb may be too rough.  So, we will share them along with some helpful tips for choosing the best comb.

Material of the Comb

One of the most important factors is the comb’s material.  Some comb materials are simply gentler on the hair than others.  The surface of your comb may feel smooth to the touch but looking at it under a microscope unveils an uneven surface that causes micro-snagging.  The result can be hair that becomes frizzy due to damage, or hair that feels too pulled during a combing session.

Smooth materials like certain metals, woods, and plastics are ideal.  Ultimately, it’s the job of the manufacturer to sand and polish the surface of each tooth.  This is to ensure that it doesn’t snag or pull on the hair in any type of rough way.

Flexibility of the Teeth

Yes, some materials are more flexible than others.  And,  men whose hair requires more advanced combing needs will benefit from more flexible teeth.

  • Metal is the least flexible material, and this can cause uncomfortable tugging that ends up damaging the hair in the long term.
  • Plastic is the most flexible material, but sometimes it can be too flexible, and the teeth can snap off if the hair is particularly styled with a heavy hold product, or the hair is knotted.

Separation of the Teeth

The teeth of a comb can be separated closely or far apart.  Also, how they are separated can play a role in the “roughness” of a comb.  The more spread out the teeth are, the gentler the comb is on hair.  Men with thicker, coarser, or curlier hair will benefit from wider teeth.  It’s mainly because they are less likely to pull on this hair type, which can be more tangled.

Shape of the Teeth

The shape of the teeth also matters.  Teeth with sharper angles can be rougher on hair.  And, teeth that have rounded edges are less abrasive.  We like tapered teeth, which offer the gentlest means for separating the hair.  This is done by gradually breaking up knots as the comb runs through them.  Plus, avoiding unnecessary tugging with a gradual means of separating individual clumps of hair.

How Tangled Your Hair is

Of course, the more tangled your hair is, the more difficult it is to comb it.  And, if your hair is very tangled, even the most compatible comb will feel very rough and abrasive.  Hair that tangles easily can come from having a specific type of curl pattern and texture that’s just prone to knotting up, and some guys can’t really avoid this.  But, applying a moisturizing product prior to combing can help, by lubricating the hair so that there is less abrasion, and also separating the knots through ample lubrication of each strand.

Texture of Your Hair

Some hair textures can be rougher to comb than others.  Very coarse or kinky hair may not respond well to traditional close-teeth combs, which cause so much abrasion that the hair becomes extremely frizzy.  If you have coarse or kinky hair, go with teeth that are more spread apart, and a super smooth material that won’t snag the hair.

The Damage of Your Hair

Hair that’s damaged will be rougher to comb, because the hairs have tears on the cuticles that are being pulled on with each combing stroke.  If this is your issue, then we recommend an advanced hair repair treatment that can be catered to your needs by an educated barber or haircare specialist.

Choosing the Best Comb for Your Haircare Needs

At Don Juan Pomade, we offer a variety of non-rough combs for all hair types and needs.  We recommend considering the natural hair type you have, which, as explained above, can determine the appropriate material and type of teeth that will make combing as easy and comfortable as possible.