What Does “Matte” Mean When it Comes to Men’s Haircare Products?

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Did you know that men’s haircare products have been around for centuries?  Still, technology continues to advance in ways that allows manufacturers to address specific styling needs in ways that are healthier for the hair and more effective.  One such advancement is the integration of specific ingredients to help men achieve a “matte” look, which is particularly desirable at the moment as it’s highly fashionable.  And, at Don Juan Pomade, we offer a wide array of mattifying products that can give you the exact look that you’re going for.

What is “Matte”?

Matte is a term that applies to many things beyond haircare products.  Matte is the opposite of shiny – it means that something has zero reflective properties, and thus has a flat appearance.  Think of a finish of a print, which can be either glossy or matte.  While glossy finishes have their purpose, and can be quite elegant and luxurious, matte looks more modern, natural, and sophisticated in many applications.

Matte in Men’s Haircare Products

Matte haircare products aim to give the hair a non-glossy finish that looks natural without appearing dull in any way.  At first, this may surprise you, since decades of haircare marketing have told us that we should achieve shine, which is synonymous with healthy hair.  Haircare products with a shiny finish remain popular, and we sell many at Don Juan Pomade.  But, some guys prefer the more unassuming and sophisticated look of matte hair, and we aim to accommodate both style preferences.

Why are Matte Haircare Products So Popular?

Many of today’s popular hairstyles trend toward a matte finish.  These include tousled waves, undercuts, and looks that aim to appear completely natural.  Also, mattifying products can be a godsend for men who have naturally oily hair that looks greasy.  Or, even hair that they haven’t had a chance to wash, which accumulates so much oil that it looks dirty.  Mattifying products also make hair look less assuming.  Why?  Because sometimes, glossy looks can be too attention-grabbing.

What Goes into a Haircare Product to Make It Offer a Matte Finish? 

Well, there are different ingredients that can be utilized.  One is clay, which is a natural substance that is uniquely capable of absorbing oils without drying out the hair to the point of causing damage.  The main aim of a mattifying product is to preserve the moisture and nutrient levels of the hair.  Not only that, but also simply eliminate the appearance of excessive oil that gives hair a shiny appearance.

While clay is the most popular, with kaolin clay being particularly gentle to the hair, other options exist.  Some companies incorporate powders that absorb the oils on the surface of the hair to offer a mattifying effect.  A good mattifying ingredient works on surface oils rather than drying out what’s beneath the cuticle.  This is where ample levels of moisture must be maintained for the hair to be healthy.

The Matte Haircare Products at Don Juan Pomade

At Don Juan Pomade, we offer mattifying haircare products to give you that shine-free yet healthy look you’re going for.  Our matte products rely on natural ingredients that suck up excess oils without draining your hair of its much-needed moisture.  Kaolin clay is a favorite of ours, as it’s known for being gentle to the hair while providing a flawless matte finish.

Meteor Clay Pomade

Relies on this ingredient and offer a powerful hold that can keep the most intricate styles in place as you go about your busy day.  This ingredient also reactivates with water, so that if you need a little bit of a boost after, say, a tough workout, you can just run it under water and restyle as needed.

Don Juan Handcrafted Matte Cream

A cream-based formula known for its mattifying capabilities.  Great for men trying to achieve texturized styles, it uses carefully sourced plant waxes that take away shine without damaging the moisture levels needed to keep hair touchably soft.  The hair maintains its pliability so that you can run your fingers through it during the day.

Don Juan Sea Salt Matte Pomade

One of our top-sellers, this pomade relies primarily on sea salt to offer the matte finish that men are trying to achieve.  Sea salt naturally draws out excessive oils while adding a textured look to the hair without any gloss.  It’s gentle on the hair and can actually introduce nutrients that supply the hair with what it needs to be healthy.

Matte Hair is a Huge Trend Right Now!

At Don Juan Pomade, we have the best mattifying haircare products derived from natural ingredients to give you that ideal finish without zapping your hair of moisture.  Try out our matte haircare products today to see what they can do for your hairstyle.