Which Ingredients Should You Avoid in Hair Grease?

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There is a seemingly dizzying amount of hair care products for men.  All of them are aim to help guys achieve the perfect style.  Not only that, but provide the hair with nutrients and other beneficial ingredients.  But, as we all know, not all hair products are created equally.  This is especially true of hair grease, which can contain any number of ingredients to provide the shine and hold that guys are looking for.

The Avoided Ingredients List

Time to make your hairstyling life easier with this helpful list of ingredients that should be avoided when selecting a hair grease product.  Keep in mind that these ingredients are all easy to identify on the product’s label, so we will be explaining what they are and why they can do more harm than good.

#1: Sulfates

Most commonly found in shampoo products, but some haircare companies sneak them into styling products to act as filler agents (ingredients that plump up a formula while offering no benefit whatsoever).  Sulfates are stripping ingredients that aggressively remove the natural moisture from your hair, which can lead to dryness and scalp irritation over time.  Because they are stripping, some companies use them in hair grease products as a means to suck out the natural moisture to create volume, while also replacing the hair’s natural oils with shine enhancers.

What to Look Out for: Sulfates are easy to identify as the term “sulfate” will appear on the list of ingredients.

#2: Silicones

Extremely common in hair grease products, and basically all haircare products.  Silicones coat the hair in a glossy substance that can increase shine, but in a way that’s not recommended.  They coat the hair in a manner that creates a wall.  Thus, preventing moisture and water from getting in.  So, while the outside of the hair can look healthy, the inside can become dry and dehydrated over time.  There are better ways to add shine to your hair, which don’t just sit on the top of the strands but actually provide moisture from deep within.

What to Look Out for: Any ingredients ending in “cone” are a dead giveaway.

#3: Parabens

Commonly used as preservatives in hair care products, so that the ingredients do not separate or change in texture over a short period of time.  Parabens can also be highly irritating to the scalp, resulting in everything from dandruff to hair loss in sensitive individuals.  The reality is that there are better ingredients out there that are naturally derived but help keep products fresh.  An example would be certain essential oils that have germ-fighting properties.

What to Look Out for: Any ingredient ending in “paraben,” which makes it easy to spot these ingredients.

#4: Synthetic Fragrances

Used in most guy’s hair products, they are fragrances derived from chemicals rather than nature.  The problem is that most synthetic fragrances behave like alcohol.  Basically, irritating the skin of the scalp due to their harsh nature.  Many can also dry out the hair.

What to Look Out for: Most hair care products will clearly list “synthetic fragrance” in their ingredients.

#5: Coconut Oil (for Certain Hair Types)

Although it can be highly nourishing, this only true for certain hair types.  Examples would be men with extremely coarse or porous hair.  For most of us, coconut oil can actually be far too heavy.  Now, while coconut oil can give a nice shine, it can come at the cost of weighing your hair down.  Also, it can fail to absorb into the hair.  This leads to dryness, as only the surface is looking healthy – similarly to the silicones we talked about earlier.

What to Look Out for: Coconut oil will be clearly listed on an ingredients list

#6: Proteins

Did you know hair is made up mostly of protein?  Not only that, but so many of us need to apply protein to our hair on a semi-frequent basis.  Why?  So that the hair can remain strong and maintain its structure.  But, for most guys, applying protein to the hair daily can lead to dryness and a dull, straw-like appearance.  This is due to too much protein depleting moisture.  Essentially, if protein is top ingredient in a styling product, your hair may get more moisture-deprived as time goes on.

What to Look Out for: Commonly used ingredients like wheat protein, soy, rice extracts and flax.

The Hair Grease at Don Juan Pomade: Top-Quality Ingredients for Healthier Hair

Don Juan Pomade Hair Grease uses a blend of naturally derived ingredients that were carefully selected based on whether or not they actually benefit the hair deep below the cuticle.  We use ingredients like beeswax and lanolin that are plant-based and maintain excellent moisture when used daily, while supplying a high shine and heavy hold that gives you the ability to style your hair as desired each day.  Our ingredients are lightweight enough for most hair types, while having the ability to absorb into the strands to offer benefits from deep within.  We do not use silicones, parabens, sulfates, or any of the other ingredients listed above, as we want your hair to not only look great but be as healthy as possible.