How to Keep Your Stainless-Steel Comb from Rusting

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Don Juan Pomade does not just believe in having the right hair and beard care products – we also believe that every guy who wants to maintain flawless style needs the right comb.  More men are gravitating toward hair and beard combs made from stainless steel, as they are extremely durable, fairly easy to maintain and can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly.  Still, one thing that guys have to worry about when using a stainless-steel comb is rust.

Why Can Stainless-Steel Combs Rust?

Rust forming on metal is the result of iron particles in steel making contact with water and oxygen.  The result is corrosion, and excessive rust can ultimately weaken the steel to the point of making it unusable.  Even the highest-quality stainless-steel combs can rust if they are not taken care of properly, which is why it’s important to avoid rust as much as possible.

Tips for Avoiding Rust

Fortunately, there are some amazingly simple ways to prevent rust from occurring in the first place, so that your comb can last for as long as possible.  It is simply a matter of being diligent when it comes to how you maintain your comb and store it when it’s not in use.

Tip #1: Keep that Comb Clean

We tend to underestimate just how much gunk can build up on our combs, especially if we use styling products in our beards or hair, such as pomades, beard oils and beard balms.  This is why we recommend that you clean your comb after each use, as gunk buildup can attract rust due to its water content.

To clean your comb properly, simply place a couple of drops of plain, unscented dish soap onto your comb and use a soft cloth to wipe it down.  You can use a toothbrush between the teeth if they are harder to access.

Tip #2: Keep that Comb Dry

Water is the enemy of stainless steel, which is why keeping it dry is essential.  Always wipe it down after use, especially if it made direct contact with water.  Note that keeping it dry goes beyond not letting it stay wet.  It also means that your comb should be kept out of humidity as much as possible.  Storing your comb in a bathroom is a recipe for rust because the constant moisture in the air from using the sink and the shower can cause your comb to maintain moisture.

Tip #3: DO NOT Use the Dishwasher

We know that throwing your comb in a dishwasher is appealing because it can thoroughly clean your comb with next to no effort on your part, but ultimately, this is the best way to ensure that your comb develops lots of rust fast.  Stainless steel should never go in a dishwasher, because the constant water exposure will cause rust to develop quickly.

Tip #4: Avoid Heavy Abrasion

Avoid using a highly abrasive means for cleaning your comb, such as steel wool or an abrasive scrubbing agent.  These products are corrosive and will create a surface area more conducive to rust by removing the seal that keeps the metal protected as much as possible.

Bottom Line: A Rust-Free Comb is a More Effective Tool for Your Hair

Yes, rust can be the death of your trusty stainless-steel beard or hair comb.  But, rust is not an inevitability, and keeping it away is actually easier than you may have thought.  That being said, it is best to get into certain habits when it comes to maintaining your comb, with a large emphasis on keeping it as dry as possible at all times.