Why are Some Pomades Too Strong for Your Hair? Vol. 2

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All of us who want to achieve a great hairstyle can benefit from using a pomade on a daily basis, which simultaneously provides your hair with texture, hold and the ability to pull off a completely new look.  But, as you might have figured out by now, not all pomades are created equally.  Most companies that make hair pomades, including yours truly, offer different formulas for different hair types and hairstyling needs.  That being said, some guys may find that a particular pomade is simply too strong for their hair.

Additional Reasons for that “Too Strong” Hair Hold

If you feel like your pomade is weighing your hair down, leaving a greasy or tacky feeling after application, or causing your hair to feel hard due to its hold, there is a good chance that you’ve accidentally selected the wrong formula.

Reason #1: You Have Fine Hair

If your hair is on the finer side, meaning that it falls flat and doesn’t have much natural texture to it at all, you need a more lightweight pomade.  We offer water-based pomades specifically for guys that have finer hair, as they are lighter in weight so that they don’t weigh down the hair or make it feel like a rock.  Using heavier wax-based based formulas can simply be too much, and make your hair look drenched rather than fresh.

Reason #2: You Have Low-Porosity Hair

Do you know your hair’s porosity level?  Porosity tells you how porous your hair strands are, and some of us have lower porosity levels than others.  If your hairs are not very porous, then products will have a hard time absorbing into the hairs, and will sit at the top instead, building up to the point of looking greasy and dull, and potentially causing flaking and a hold that’s simply way too strong.  Again, this means that you’ll need to try a water-based pomade as water absorbs into the hair more easily than waxes and butters.

But, how do you know if porosity is your issue?  Well, there are a few ways to identify low-porosity hair.  One is that it takes an unusually long time for your hair to feel saturated when it’s running under the shower faucet.  Another is that you get a lot of product build-up after just a day or two of going without washing.

Reason #3: Your Hair is Dirty

If you try styling dirty hair, then your pomade applications may end up making your hair look even more, well, dirty.  Hair that has not been thoroughly cleaned in several days can develop a lot of grease as the hair’s natural oils are accumulating, and on top of that, you can have remnants of old product clinging to the strands.  Applying pomade will therefore fail to do anything but add to this buildup of grease, oil, and dirt, making you think that the pomade itself is too strong for your hair type.  Try applying pomade to clean hair to notice the difference in its effectiveness when the hair does not already have a layer of oils coating it.

Reason #4: Your Hair is Thin

It happens to all of us – after we reach a certain age, our hair begins thinning no matter what we try to do to stop it.  Once your hair is getting noticeably thinner, you may need to switch to a lighter-weight pomade.  That glorious pomade product that you were using before can suddenly become too strong and end up weighing down hair that has already lost much of its natural texture and weight.

Reason #5: That Pomade Contains Heavy Ingredients

The ingredients in a pomade can make all of the difference.  Some ingredients harden your hair, while others maintain its malleability.  Some ingredients are extremely heavy and tend to sit on the hair’s surface, such as coconut oil, while others absorb into the strands to offer volume from within, such as flax-based ingredients.  Further, pomades that contain protein of any kind, such as wheat-based ingredients, can give your hair a lot of structure, but protein-sensitive hair types will find that these ingredients almost turn their hair into straw.

#6: Applying Too Much

Many times, it is not the pomade’s fault, but how you are applying it.  A quite common mistake that styling beginners make is using way more pomade than they need, and this can cause all kinds of unwanted issues like a greasy appearance, product that’s flaking and hair that feels hard as a rock.  Try using less pomade next time to see if it makes a difference.

Reason #7: Using Pomade with Various Other Styling Products

Each guy’s hair-related needs are different, and some men benefit from using multiple styling products while others find that just a little pomade is enough.  If your pomade seems too strong, it could be that you’re piling it on top of other products that are just weighing your hair down or making it too hard as a result.  That being said, consider using just pomade for a while to see if that alone can help you pull off the look you’re going for.

Your Main Solution!

Ultimately, there is a pomade at Don Juan Pomade for all hair types and needs, and we never use ingredients that cause the hair to feel unpleasantly rigid or weighed down.  The takeaway is that if you feel like a pomade is too strong for your hair, switch to a lighter formula, like any of our water-based pomades that can provide adequate hold and the ideal finish while being lightweight and easily workable.