7 Reasons to Use Don Juan Pre-Styler Grooming Spray

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Don Juan Pomade, Pre-Styler Grooming Spray

Don Juan Pomade is always dreaming up new ways to give guys the excellent hair that they deserve.  One product that we are particularly excited about is our Pre-Styler Grooming Spray, which is unlike any other men’s hair spray product on the market.

So, we’ll cover the many qualities that make this a standout product on the market.

Reason #1: Say Hello to Effortless Texture

Texture is something that most guys want when they use a hair product.  Hair that’s flat, limp, and fine simply is not flattering to the majority of men.  But, with just a few spritzes of this grooming spray, you can enjoy effortless texture and volume that makes your hair look thicker and healthier without feeling weighed down or greasy in any way.

With its light hold and natural finish, combined with its dead sea salt that does most of the work, you won’t look like you have any product in your hair at all – it will just look like you’re having a good hair day.

Reason #2: Say Goodbye to Frizz

In the warmer months of the year, frizz is the enemy to any guy with thicker, curlier or coarser hair.  Frizz can turn a good hair day into a bad one within seconds of stepping outside if the humidity level is high.  Fortunately, this grooming spray has what it takes to put a stop to frizz, by providing moisture combined with a subtle hold that keeps your hair in place while ensuring that it remains smooth and soft for hours after application.

Reason #3: Combat Static at Last

Another common issue is static, which typically affects guys who have finer, thinner, and straighter hair.  Static can be an embarrassing issue as the hair can stick up in strange places without us even knowing it.  This dazzling spray can come to the rescue by keeping hair in place and giving each strand just enough weight and texture to prevent any unsightly appearance caused by static.

Reason #4: Lightweight for Fine Hair

A lot of guys who have finer hair complain that the majority of haircare products for men are simply too heavy.  Fine hair can’t handle the heavy ingredients found in many of today’s waxes, gels and pomades, because the hair ends up looking greasy and dull due to buildup.  We considered the needs of all hair types when we developed our grooming spray, to ensure that it’s lightweight enough for men with fine hair who simply can’t deal with thicker or heavier products.

Your hair won’t look like it’s being weighed down, nor will it look like an oil slick after a couple of spritzes.

Reason #5: Great as a Standalone

Even though we named our product a Pre-Styler, the reality is that it works fine as a standalone product in your daily routine.  If you have hair that’s more or less manageable to begin with, this spray is great for keeping your strands in place throughout the day, while adding a nice bit of styling capabilities along the way.

Reason #6: Perfect Before Your Pomade

But, if you do have more demanding hair, then this spray is a great addition to your existing routine.  Using a couple spritzes before applying your pomade can activate the hold and styling capabilities of your pomade more efficiently.  Think of this spray like a primer, which gives your hair the perfect texture and feel to respond beautifully to a daily pomade application.

Because it’s so lightweight, you do not have to worry about overloading your hair with product that ends up taking away from its inherent shine and spring.

Reason #7: All-Natural for a Happy Scalp and Head of Hair

Like everything that we make here at Don Juan Pomade, our Pre-Styler Grooming Spray consists solely of natural, plant-derived ingredients.  We are big believers in mother nature, and we know that plant-based ingredients offer the best nutrition and health to the hair as well as the scalp.

We also know that countless men have sensitivities to certain types of ingredients found in many commercial haircare products, like synthetic fragrances, parabens, and silicones.  These products are gentle, while offering a rich array of plant compounds and nutrients that promote a healthier head of hair in the long term.

Don Juan Pre-Styler Grooming Spray Has Something for Everyone

It can benefit your hair in a plethora of ways while being compatible with every type of hair that there is.  Whether you are already using a pomade each day or not, we recommend finding out for yourself what this grooming spray can offer to your daily haircare needs.