When Should a Man Consider Using Hair Grease Pomade?

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April 7, 2021
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At Don Juan Pomade, we have made sure to have a different hair product for every head of hair and every hair-related need.  One of our more heavily explored products is our Hair Grease Pomade, with its all-natural, plant-based formula, citrusy scent, and exceptional hold as well as serious shine.

So, is hair grease the way to go for you?  Let’s talk about the many reasons why a man may find that it’s time to switch to this unique type of pomade formula.

#1: When the Frizz is Just Too Much

Is frizz your number one enemy on the haircare front?  We hear you.  Any guy whose hair is naturally thick, coarse, curly or all of the above is prone to frizz during the humid months.  Frizz can cause hair to look unruly, dull, dry and damaged.  Luckily, our Hair Grease Pomade can stop this from happening altogether.  Its heavier, shinier formula works overtime to prevent humidity from ruining your haircare efforts.

#2: When You’re Craving a Classic Style

Hair grease is associated with “greaser” hairstyles from the middle of the 20th century, and this retro look has endured the test of time as it brings to mind a more masculine and edgy image.  If you’re nostalgic for this time period, whether you actually lived through it or not, you can find your inner James Dean with our Hair Grease Pomade.  It’s perfect for slicked back styles, pomps, and other looks that are synonymous with this golden age of men’s hairstyling.

#3: When Shine is Your Biggest Priority

Hair grease is all about the shine, and it’s the best way to get that reflective radiance without skipping the shampoo for a disturbing length of time.  Each application gives you hair that’s glossy on a whole other level, and this look is flattering to just about everyone.  The shine that you get with hair grease doesn’t come with the crunchy, flaky look caused by many gels, instead producing an image that still looks natural and healthy.

#4: When You Need Some Serious Hold

Of course, there are many times in a man’s life when he needs his hair to stay in place.  Whether he’s going to an event and has to look neat and put together, or he’s going for a more intricate hairstyle that requires that each hair stays in place for hours, there’s definitely a good reason to have a high-hold product in your arsenal.  And, our Hair Grease Pomade offers the strongest hold out of all of our products, so that you can pull off just about any look and know that it will stay that way as you go about your day.

#5: When You Need an Emergency Product for Bad Hair Days

Hair grease comes in handy on those days when literally nothing else will give you the good hair you’re going for.  Maybe your hair is a bit dirtier than usual due to a busy schedule, or maybe it’s fried from dry air.  Hair grease can even do wonders during the “awkward stage” of growing out your hair, as you can slick back that excess length and keep it there.  In short, there are numerous circumstances under which hair grease can bail you out when your hair is simply not cooperating with you.

Hair Grease Pomade at Don Juan Can Do It All!

It can rescue you from a bad hair day, transport you back in time, and simply act as the perfect means for achieving both healthy shine and a strong hold.  Basically, there really is a place for it in every guy’s hair care repertoire.