Don Juan Going to the Sea for Men’s Hair

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March 28, 2021
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April 14, 2021

When the warmer weather finally arrives, it means another season of us trying our best to look our best while still maintaining a relaxed, effortless vibe.  Whether you plan on spending the entirety of your summer on the beach or chilling in your backyard with your buds, we have got the perfect summer haircare for you.  Our brand-new Sea Salt line consists of all of the styling products you need to have that beachy, textured look without having to roll around in the sand and the seawater.

Like all of the products we have released over the years, our Sea Salt line offers nothing but the finest in men’s haircare, period.  Our all-natural formulas contain ingredients proven to benefit the hair in the long term while delivering exceptional, long-lasting style.

In fact, we do not use any drying ingredients, endocrine disruptors or irritating synthetic fragrances, which means that you can use these products daily regardless of your hair type, scalp sensitivity, etc.

Don Juan Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray (8 fl oz)

Available in an 8oz spray bottle that is refreshingly travel-friendly, this spray is a breeze to use, no pun intended, and is lighter than our pomade products for when you need a quick boost in texture, volume, and thickness without anything to weigh your hair down.  Due to its lightweight nature, it’s compatible with all hair types, including thick and thin, coarse, and fine and straight and curly.

Our Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray provides that look you get when you spend the day at the beach, using real sea salt to mimic that which is in the hair that does wonderful things to our hair’s appearance.  It has a matte finish and a light hold so that your hair looks completely natural, and it has a cumulative nature to it that produces more effects the more you apply.

With its surf wax scent, it will get you into the spirit of the summer while its clean list of ingredients is gentle on the scalp and nourishing to the hair itself.

Don Juan Sea Salt Matte Pomade (4 oz)

When you simply need a little something more than a typical spray, there is Don Juan Sea Salt Matte Pomade.  Available in a travel-friendly jar, this pomade offers a stronger means for styling, as it’s a thicker product by nature that is more effective at combating frizz, flyaways, and other common hair complaints.  Also enhanced with real sea salt, it provides the same textured look that makes you look like you just came back from a day of riding waves.

Offering a medium hold and a matte finish, this pomade keeps your style looking fresh and controlled all day long, and washes out easily at the end of the night.  It’s also highly beneficial to the hair, containing sea minerals and plant extracts that work together to provide nutrition and intensive moisture to each strand and follicle, with cumulative results that improve your hair’s overall condition and health.  Also with a surf wax scent, it has that ocean-y vibe that brings back our most cherished beach-time memories.

Don Juan Sea Salt Pomade (4 oz)

Made without the kaolin clay found in the matte formula that prevents shine, this pomade offers a medium hold as well as a medium shine level that gives your hair a glossy finish that looks as healthy and radiant as can be.  With its sea salt in the formula, you’ll get that textured, tousled and voluminous look that is perfect for summer.

Like the previous pomade formula, this one is rich in sea minerals and plant extracts that give your hair and scalp a serious boost of nutrition while enhancing natural moisture levels to reduce damage and frizz.  The surf wax scent once again elevates the mood and makes you feel like you’re gazing out into the ocean.

Creating a Breezy Routine with These Beachy Haircare Formulas

Now that you know about all of our new Sea Salt products, you can develop a summer-ready haircare routine based on your needs.  First, select the type of pomade you need according to your desired shine level.  Then, grab the Surf Spray, which can be used as a touch-up throughout the day or used all on its own when you’re short on time.

Overall, Don Juan Pomade’s Sea Salt line will get you into the spirit of summer with a beachy scent and the effortless ocean-fresh look that you associate with days spent down the shore.  Made with all-natural ingredients, these products are perfect for daily use all summer long.