5 Reasons to Pick Up Don Juan Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray 8 fl oz

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February 28, 2021
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March 14, 2021

At Don Juan Pomade, we offer a wide array of quality haircare products for men who want an easy yet effective daily haircare routine.  Our formulas are known for their all-natural ingredients which don’t just keep styles in place all day long, but also provide critical nutrition and moisture to even the most unmanageable or damaged hair.  We’re extremely excited to announce our new Don Juan Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray, which gives you that effortlessly textured look that you’d get after a day spent at the beach.

How to Use the Don Juan Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray

Don Juan Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray comes in an 8-ounce spray bottle for easy application .  The spray is appropriate for all hair types and lengths, and it achieves a look that you’d get after swimming in salt water.  In fact,  dead sea salt is a key active ingredient that is both gentle on the hair and capable of transforming your style within seconds.  It’s a product that takes no time to apply, and requires next to no effort – you don’t even need to use a comb.  It can be applied every day in the morning along with your regular morning routine.

Our Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray is extremely easy to use, even if you’re a total hairstyling newbie.  Simply spray a few pumps directly into the hair, and then use your fingers or your comb to style.  A hairdryer can help amplify your style by activating the salt to create a more textured look.  Most men use this product to achieve beachy waves or a textured style in which the pieces are separated, as though they’ve been swimming in the ocean.

5 Reasons to Make This Styling Product Part of Your Daily Haircare Routine

So, what’s so great about our Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray?  You’re about to find out.

Reason #1: All-Natural Ingredients

We use only natural, plant-based ingredients to formulate all of our hair products, and this style spray is no exception.  Ingredients like witch hazel, kaolin clay, dead sea salt and glycerin work together to give you the perfect texture and style without damaging your hair with harsh chemicals that can strip away moisture.  In other words, you can use this spray daily without worrying about it drying out your hair and scalp in the way that many styling products on the market are prone to do.

Reason #2: Volume and Texture at Once

Just a few spritzes and you’ll have the perfect level of volume as well as texture, eliminating the need to apply a number of products to your hair to create the look that you’re going for.  The sea salt that’s in the formula instantly plumps the strands so that the hair is more voluminous, while helping to separate clumps of hair for a fully texturized look that gives you that fresh, beachy vibe that so many find absolutely irresistible.

Reason #3: Weightless as Can Be

So many hair products made for men are extremely heavy, and guys with finer or thinner hair find that even a small amount of formula makes their hair look weighed down.  But this product is refreshingly weightless, and great for all hair types and textures.  The secret ingredients are clay and sea salt, which activate texture and volume to create beachy waves without introducing heavy waxes or butters into the hair’s cuticles.  You’ll love how much it feels like you don’t have anything in your hair at all.  Even better, your hair will not feel greasy, dirty or dull as a result of loading it up with layers upon layers of product, despite getting the exact look that you’re going for.

Reason #4: Long-Lasting Hold

Even though we have created a weightless formula, you’ll find that the style that you created in the morning lasts you well into the evening hours.  Again, the ingredients that we use keep the style looking fresh without requiring heavy ingredients that can start to weigh the hair down throughout the day.  Despite the fact that the hold lasts for quite some time, you will have no trouble washing it out with regular shampoo when you’re ready to start over.

Reason#5: Fresh, Beachy Scent

Not only does our Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray look great and feel great, but it smells great as well.  To match the beachy vibe, we’ve created a fresh-smelling scent that will remind you of riding the waves.  It has the type of fragrance that we associate with spending the day down the shore, with the sea salt reminding you of beautiful waters.  It can help get you into the spirit of summer even if you’re far, far away from a beach.

Get that Fresh-Out-of-the-Ocean Natural Beach Hair Look Today!

At Don Juan Pomade, we are committed to finding new ways to help men achieve the hairstyles of their dreams while requiring minimal effort.  Our all-natural products are beneficial to the hair while being extremely effective at providing exceptional style.  Sea Salt Hair Style Surf Spray really is the ultimate summer styling product that can give you the fresh, beachy look of your dreams, all while offering a weightless hold and a fresh, surf-inspired scent that’s irresistible.