Let The Good-times Roll

Don Juan Pomade Supreme Meteor Clay Kit
July 24, 2018
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July 31, 2018

At Don Juan Pomade, we believe in helping men achieve a timeless look with our natural formulas. Because of our devotion to quality ingredients and our love for all things retro, we’ve been able to form a family of like-minded grooming enthusiasts from all over the world. 

We’re extremely excited to announce our new partnership with Good Times Barbershop in San Diego, California. Proprietors Adam and Lucy are legendary among the barber world for bringing back that classic approach to grooming practices. Their barbershop has become one of the most renowned of its kind thanks to their dedication to timeless techniques that help men achieve the look that they’re going for. 

Recently, Adam and Lucy decided to join the Don Juan Pomade family. Because we share a common mission and a love for vintage, timeless styles, we’re incredibly excited about this new relationship.

Good Times Barbershop will be using Don Juan Pomade products in order to help their clients achieve flawless styles. Our collection of pomades are perfect for the retro-inspired looks and classic techniques for which Adam and Lucy are known. 

Our pomades can help any man achieve the hairstyle that best reflects his unique personality. Whether a client is going for a slicked back, retro look or is in need of something that will tame his frizz without weighing his hair down, our collection of pomades can truly do it all. 

Adam and Lucy care a great deal about the ingredients that go into the products that they use. At Don Juan Pomade, we load our pomades with plant-derived ingredients that nourish the hair and scalp. Therefore, Good Times Barbershop clients will be treated to the very best that the grooming industry has to offer.