Beard and Health Men’s Supplement Guide

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July 8, 2018
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July 12, 2018

Learn about Men’s Beard and Health Supplements

Men and women are different in ways that aren’t visible. Their bodies function differently, and require different levels of vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal health. The right supplement targets typical vitamin deficiencies, but the best men’s supplement? That does just a little bit more. That’s what Don Juan’s supplements are designed for. They aren’t just for men, they’re for men who want a healthy body and the hair to match.

What goes into our Mr. Beard Grow supplement?

Growing a beard shouldn’t be hard work. With Mr. Beard Grow supplements, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve formulated our men’s health supplement to help grow, strengthen, and improve the health of your beard while providing all of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

  • Hair Growth: Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, Niacin
  • Antioxidants: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Ginger Extract
  • Immune System Boosters: Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutamine, Reishi Mushroom
  • Eye Disease Health: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6
  • Mental Health: Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B5, Horsetail, Inositol
  • Skin Health: Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Vitamin B5, Copper
  • Tissue Repair: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Zinc
  • Muscle Growth: Vitamin A, Glutamine
  • Organ Health: Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Folate, Biotin, Horsetail, Inositol, L-arginine, Reishi Mushroom
  • Memory Boost: Vitamin B1
  • Energy Boost: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Biotin, Copper
  • Anti-Aging: Vitamin B1, Vitamin E
  • Hair Health: Biotin
  • Nail Health: Biotin, Horse Tail
  • Joint Health: MSM, Ginger Extract

A Men’s supplement that works.

You want a supplement that does what it says it will. That means choosing one that targets the areas you may be lacking in. Our supplement has been scientifically formulated to aid in overall health while specifically targeting hair growth. We worked with leading nutritional scientists to create a supplement to fuel your inner Don Juan.

Our supplements target common overall vitamin deficiencies while adding in holistic extracts including horsetail, ginger, and reishi mushroom that you won’t find in your over-the-counter supplement. We’ve modernized men’s vitamin supplementation to create a multi-vitamin for the modern man.

How does our supplement aid beard and hair growth?

Biotin creates a stronger keratin infrastructure. According to Dr. Richard Scher, Biotin contributes to an increase in keratin protein density. Because keratin is one of the basic proteins found in nails, skin, and hair, Biotin aids in the healthy development of all three. Hair loss and brittle nails may be a sign of biotin deficiency as well, but is easily remedied with a Biotin supplement.

Vitamin C helps with collagen production. You may be familiar with collagen, it’s commonly injected to reduce lines and wrinkles; but your body produces collagen all on its own. It is the main structural building block of your skin, hair, and nails. Vitamin C is vital for your body to produce its own collagen, and helps with Iron intake to create strong strands of hair.
Vitamin D can create new hair follicles. Vitamin D used to be known for its positive effect on bone and skin growth. In 2012 a study in the Stem Cells Translational Medicine Journal found evidence that Vitamin D actually helps create brand new hair follicles. Balding occurs when follicles go dormant. Creating new follicles can increase hair thickness, especially if you start taking it before major hair loss occurs.

Vitamin E repairs hair follicle damage. Damaged hair follicles can stop producing hair entirely. This damage also compounds other issues and can cause an itchy scalp and inflammation. Vitamin E addresses both of these. As a powerful antioxidant it helps to reduce inflammation and oxidation of cells in the scalp. This is what helps to heal and promote hair growth as damaged follicles repair themselves.

Zinc is a hair loss prevention triple-threat. Not only has Zinc been proven to be one of the only ways to actually shorten a cold, it helps prevent hair loss as well. That’s because Zinc plays a role in RNA and DNA production. That makes it a necessary building block for healthy hair follicle cells. Zinc helps balance hormones, which can prevent greying hair as you age. Zinc deficiency can also lead to hair follicle protein deterioration. Keeping your Zinc levels where they need to be can prevent this from happening.

Niacin improves blood flow and reduces inflammation. Blood flow to your scalp is critical for providing your hair follicles with nutrients. Studies show Niacin aids in blood flow to the scalp at the same time it reduces inflammation. Inflammation can lead to an itchy scalp and cause damaged hair follicles to go dormant. Niacin also helps speed up Keratin synthesis. Because hair is made almost entirely of Keratin, Niacin can help it grow stronger, faster, and thicker.

Men’s health made easy.

We know how busy the modern man is. When we’re perfecting a new Pomade formula, jetting across the globe to meet local barbers, or attending a photo-shoot; we don’t always have the time to eat right.

That’s why the right supplement is so important. You’re a Don Juan. You’ve got a busy life and eating right isn’t always in the cards. You create your style, but it’s easier to do when you feel good inside and out. Our Don Juan supplementation line is created for you—it’s easy to take and delivers the body boost you need. Be the best version of you. Get the nutrients your body and beard have been missing, and keep delivering your own personal eternal style.