Don Juan Pomade at CT Barber Shop Expo 8

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April 18, 2018
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April 23, 2018

If you’re a barber who loves a bit of friendly competition and wants to learn more about the industry, this year’s CT Barber Shop Expo in Hartford, Connecticut is the place to be. Located in the Connecticut Convention Centre, this special expo has everything from educational seminars to exciting barber battles that feature exciting prizes.

At the CT Barber Shop Expo, barbers from all walks of life will have the opportunity to enter a variety of competitions and show off their stuff. Additionally, the day will be packed with seminars that provide industry professionals with valuable tricks of the trade. Renowned barbers from all over the world will gather at this expo in order to do live demonstrations and teach the very latest techniques.

The CT Barber Shop Expo will feature a Don Juan Pomade booth so that barbers from all over the world can discover our wide range of exciting products for men. Equipped with our vintage barber chairs and loads of Don Juan Pomade goodies, we’ll be teaching barbers and other industry professionals about what makes our products so special. Live demonstrations will take place in order to educate barbers about the Don Juan Pomade lifestyle.

Our booth never fails to capture the imaginations of barbers and beard enthusiasts alike. Our retro-inspired products are perfect for men who prefer timeless styles over fleeting trends. Our products feature organic ingredients that nourish hair and skin. Plus, our vintage aesthetic ensures that we stand out wherever we go.

At Don Juan Pomade, we believe that timeless styles always prevail. Our extensive catalog of products include nutrient-rich shaving oils, wax pomades that nourish hair on a deep level and retro-inspired combs that help men achieve the perfect hairstyle. In addition to providing men with high-quality products, we strive to encourage men to embrace their personal styles through self-expression. That’s why we can’t wait to show barbers from all over what we have to offer at this year’s CT Barber Shop Expo.

Tickets for the CT Barber Shop Expo can be purchased online. A pre-party will take place the night before the event.