Shine Your Beard Above The Rest!
February 5, 2018
Have No Fear – Treat That Itchy Beard
February 15, 2018

Don Juan Pomade is a manufacturer of men’s grooming products that are made in the United States. Many men find that their hair doesn’t fall into place the way they would like it to, so the help of hair styling products is desired. Our goal is to make sure no harmful toxic chemicals are seeping into your body from the products you use so he chooses organic ingredients; uses natural oils such as argan oil, joboba oil, and essential oils; and uses natural scents. Also, we use no artificial colorings or preservatives.

The following are our top three pomades that are worth “checking out” and trying on your hair:

Meteor Clay
* Contains a combination of citrus, lavender and a bit of amber and sandalwood.
* A pliable paste for maximum hold.
* For a natural no-shine finish and more casual hairstyle.

Royal Pomade
* Has a tropical scent with a trace of lavender.
* Has a medium hold, yet lasts all day.
* Has some shine to its finish.
* Can apply it to dry or damp hair.

Hybrido Pomade (regular)
* Contains the active ingredients of natural plants and dead sea minerals.
* Contains a summer sea breeze aroma.
* Protects and is healthy for your hair.
* For a strong hold with medium shine.

Men enjoy using Don Juan pomades on their hair for various reasons:
1. Can purchase a pomade that goes well with their hair and lifestyle, whether it’s for shine or for a hold that is strong or less strong.
2. Washes out easily.
3. Pliable and easy to use.
4. Can reactivate with water.
5. Can comb or brush hair easily to restyle.
6. Doesn’t flake.
7. Is not harmful because of the natural ingredients used.
8. Gives a natural look.

If you are a man in need of some extra help for your hair and a great look all day long, Don Juan products are the way to go! You will learn to care for your hair by using pomades that will cause your hair to be more manageable and easier to maintain. As a bonus, you can also be assured that the pomades are excellent for your hair and cause no harmful effects to your body because of the natural, organic ingredients used; and remember – a little goes a long way!