How Much Pomade Should You Use?

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January 27, 2018
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February 5, 2018

When it comes to styling your hair, using the correct amount of pomade can be the difference between looking good and looking great. There is nothing better than being complimented on the way you look, and, with the right amount of pomade, you will have to get used to getting complimented daily. Just think about it, have you ever found yourself asking how much pomade to use. If so, then you’re in a group with a lot of people who have asked the same question. It is a common question to ask because if you are not sure, it can lead to a sticky and messy situation. All in all, applying the right amount of pomade is different for everybody.

When it all boils down, it comes down to numerous factors when applying pomade. For example, hair length, hair type, hair thickness, and other factors play into how much pomade to use on your hair. Everyone’s hair is different obviously, so, the right amount of pomade will be different for every person. However, one step that everyone can take is to start with small amounts and work your way up. If you mess up, you can always rinse and repeat as much as you need. In a way, you might have to exercise some patience to get the perfect amount of pomade for your hair. Having said all of that, here are a few more steps to take to determine how much pomade you should use.

Start Small & Work Your Way Up
As mentioned before, one of the most important steps when determining how much pomade you should use is by starting small. Starting with small amounts of pomade ensures that you have multiple attempts at styling and putting your hair in place. As opposed to starting with small amounts of pomade, using a lot of pomade from the beginning limits the number of times you can style your hair to only one or two tries. Also, applying pomade can be equated to applying any other product on your body for the very first time. You never know how your body may react to any product so, starting with small amounts of any product can ensure that your body does not overreact to the product. Many first-timers make the mistake of using a handful of a product without knowing how much is necessary, which is a huge mistake, to say the least. Simply put, always start small and gradually apply as you style your hair.

Styling Your Hair with The Right Amount of Pomade
Once you have determined the right amount of pomade to use, styling can be quite challenging in and of itself. When starting off, you will not get to style your hair exactly how you want because your hair may need to get used to the pomade being applied. However, there is no need to worry because your hair will get used to the product no longer than a few weeks. This is another reason to start small when applying your hair, your hair needs time to adjust to the product. Moreover, after your hair has adjusted to the pomade, styling is all about creativity and personal touches. You cannot go wrong when styling your hair with pomade, it comes down to personal preference and how you want to look.

More on How to Apply the Right Amount of Pomade
In reality, there are many factors that determine how much pomade to use and how to style your hair with it. For example, someone with short curly hair made need more pomade than someone with long straight hair. In addition to this, personal preference also is a small factor in determining how much product to use. Someone might want to use just a tad more pomade to their hair to style and that is okay. With all of that said, make sure you take your time and show patience. As the saying goes, “If you look good, you feel good”.