Know These Men’s Facial Skin Care Basics

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Facial care sometimes falls to the bottom of the grooming list for men when it comes to presentation and self-care, but it is still important. Creating a routine will ensure skin is well cared for and youthful over the years. Men are fortunate in that their face has more collagen and their skin holds up better against wrinkles than women’s skin as they age. Even so, simple but purposeful care can go a long way toward keeping that mug handsome for the long haul.

Men’s skin is different than women’s skin, which means men need different products and care than their wife, girlfriend or sister. Guys can’t get away with borrowing her lotion for long and expect to get the results they need. Men have thicker and more oily skin, and women’s products aren’t designed to cater to men’s skin characteristics.

Every person’s skin is exposed to a lot of junk throughout the day, not to mention self-produced oily buildup. With any person’s facial care routine, one should include daily cleansing. Washing the face should happen twice a day. Scrub gently with warm water since heat will open the pores help get all the dirt and buildup out of them. Rinse with cool water that will help shrink pores so new bacteria doesn’t get inside. While it doesn’t seem like it would matter, patting dry is gentler on skin than rubbing and prevents wrinkles. Washing more than about twice a day can dry out skin, so don’t go overboard with cleaning the face. The oil our bodies produce serves a purpose, after all.

Once the face is clean, regular moisturizing should be the second step in a skin care routine. Moisturizing keeps the face looking fresh, provides a barrier from the elements, and even helps with consistent skin tone and avoiding excess oiliness. While it may seem counterintuitive, don’t avoid moisturizing areas of the face prone to oiliness. Applying moisturizer right after washing the face is ideal as well. It wouldn’t hurt to find moisturizer with SPF in it for those who intend to be outdoors a lot.

While shaving helps exfoliate the skin, it’s a good idea to use an exfoliating scrub up to twice a week to help slough off dead skin cells and protect against blackheads. Exfoliating will also help create a smoother shave. A good time to exfoliate would be right after washing but before moisturizing.

Taking a few minutes each day to wash and moisturize the face is important regardless of age or sex. Locking in a routine will help ensure regular facial care, while stocking up on the right products will help with each person’s skin’s specific needs. Don’t forget to be gentle on the face whether washing, moisturizing or exfoliating since the facial skin is delicate and needs to be taken care of.