Introducing Don Juan Columbia

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February 13, 2017
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March 20, 2017

Colombian Style

Colombians have long been known for their style, culture and allure. Hot, sweaty nights dancing to cumbia and vallenato music has created some of the sexiest people, with the most suave on earth. The Colombian men and women have a charisma and presence that is unmistakable.

We recently traveled to Bogota to meet with our partners and get a real sense of how Colombian style and Don Juan Pomades fit together. What we found was a goldmine of similarities between our brand and this beautiful, vibrant country.

You’re in the jungle baby

Along with our gracious models @daschafer1/, @sarahschmidtde, @marcela.henao.12 and @evagallo_, we ventured into the woods and the barbershop for a photoshoot to capture the essence of Don Juan Colombia. The photos we took define the raw sexual energy and style that we had been looking for in South America.

We are extremely proud to welcome Lumberjack Care Distributors and the Colombian division of Don Juan Pomade into our family. They are a large piece of our rapidly expanding operation and we are ecstatic to have them represent our brand in Latin America.

Look for the launch of our Spanish language website in the coming month and until then remember “Style Never Dies”.